Impact 360 Institute Preview Day 

Friday, July 26

Friday, August 16

Friday, September, 13

Saturday, October 19

Friday, November 8


What is Preview Day?

Are you interested in Impact 360 Fellows, Immersion, or Propel, but you want to see what it's really like to be a student? Are you a parent who wants to know more about who we are and what Impact 360 Institute is all about?

Impact 360 Institute exists to impact culture by cultivating leaders who follow Jesus.

At Preview Day you will be able to experience first hand what it's like to be a student at Impact 360 Institute. Hosted by staff and alumni of Impact 360 Institute experiences, the day includes a welcome session, tour of campus, lunch, and labs for students and parents. 

All experiences at Impact 360 Institute stems from the belief that all Christians should seek to know Jesus more deeply; continually be transformed in character; and ultimately live a life of Kingdom influence.  

At Impact 360 Institute, Know. Be. Live. is more than a catchy headline or hoped-for philosophy; it is a way of life.  

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Pastor, Passion City Church, Passion Conferences, sixsteps records

I can't think of anything better between high school and the college years than to set aside time to discover God, explore the world and fine-tune your vision for the rest of your life. That's what Impact 360 is all about, combining great teaching with practical experience preparing your role in God's amazing story.


Christian Author and Radio Host

It is no longer someone else's job to worry about the next generation and what kind of leaders they will be. It is our responsibility as Christian leaders to work to produce young people who are grounded in Truth and who are willing to influence the world by living Christ-focused lives. Impact 360 offers a program designed to meet this challenge, and believe me, the next generation of leaders will be better because of it.

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Hear from an Alumna

"I remember going into [Impact 360] with an unwillingness to share my story and my struggles, but after spending time with the incredible community, I witnessed my own friends sharing their burdens with each other, and it challenged me to do the same. I’ve realized that it’s a chain reaction."

-Ivy Batten Class 2014

100 Impact Circle

Pine Mountain, Georgia 31822